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Massachusetts is not a gun-friendly state. It has very stringent regulations, especially when living closer to Boston, where it is almost impossible to get an unrestricted license. The further west in the state you live, the more lax are police chiefs in granting you a license (it is at their discretion to grant you one as Massachusetts is a "May Issue" state).


Massachusetts has fallen prey to typical anti-gun restrictions a la "Assault Weapons" law - no collapsible stock, suppressors, flash suppressors allowed.

The foremost organization in Massachusetts seeking to educate gun owners and politicians is GOAL. You may visit them at


Attributes Legality Source
Suppressors Allowed No
Flash Suppressor Allowed No
Collapsible stock Allowed No
License required for ownership Yes
License required for open carry Yes
License required for concealed carry Yes
Mandatory firearm registration Yes
Chamber safety indicator required No
Assault Weapon law Unclear
Castle Doctrine Yes
No Issue No
May Issue Yes
Shall Issue No
Storage Requirements Yes
Duty to Admit Carrying No


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