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Attribute Value
7.62 x 39 mm
Blow-back Operation
No Limit
2in ( 5.08cm, 50.8mm )
Enter a value
Enter a value
6kgs ( 13.23lbs, 211.64ozs, 6000gms )
Enter a value
Enter a value
  • Detachable magazine
  • Folding Stock
  • Collapsible(Telescoping) Stock

Light machine gun manufactured in Russia.

State Abbreviation Legality Source
Alaska Unclear
Alabama Unclear
Arkansas Unclear
Arizona Unclear
California No
Colorado Unclear
Connecticut Unclear
District of Columbia Unclear
Delaware Unclear
Florida Unclear
Georgia Unclear
Hawaii Unclear
Iowa Unclear
Idaho Unclear
Illinois Unclear
Indiana Unclear
Kansas Unclear
Kentucky Unclear
Louisiana Unclear
Massachusetts No
Maryland Yes with stipulations
Maine Unclear
Michigan Unclear
Minnesota Unclear
Missouri Unclear
Mississippi Unclear
Montana Unclear
North Carolina Unclear
North Dakota Unclear
Nebraska Unclear
New Hampshire Unclear
New Jersey No
New Mexico Unclear
Nevada Unclear
New York No
Ohio Unclear
Oklahoma Unclear
Oregon Unclear
Pennsylvania Unclear
Rhode Island Unclear
South Carolina Unclear
South Dakota Unclear
Tennessee Unclear
Texas Unclear
Utah Unclear
Virginia Unclear
Vermont Unclear
Washington Unclear
Wisconsin Unclear
West Virginia Unclear
Wyoming Unclear


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